Effortless Records
Notes from our Sessions...(What have we been up to?)

2022-05-10ITA STUDIO 3 Studio test of the Re-amping capabilities of Radial EXTC.

2022-05-09ITA STUDIO 3 Messing around with new Tape Sim hardware. (RND 542's). Playing with capabilities between Tascam Model 24 and Reaper... finally figured out how to properly output each Reaper Track to faders on Tascam Model 24.

2022-05-08ITA STUDIO 3 Watchtower / Observatory sessions - synth and vx on TETSPDR.

2022-04-30ITA STUDIO 3 An impromptu jam by 1/2 of Pseudo Star with 3/4 of Pseudo Star present. Maybe the closet we come to a re-union since around 2003... when Matt/Steve/Charlie recorded an Observatory track or same year when Matt/Craig/Charlie sat in on the Pseudo Star album transfer. Never say never, a full blown re-union could happen someday.