Effortless Records
Matt Workman

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Associated Bands:
Kyle Workman-
Pseudo Star1996-1999
Watch Tower1997-2008
The Vague Accountants2009-2009

Album Credits
Astral Grenades Single-Album Credit
Back through Lens-Album Credit
CJLC Behind the Music with Mathew Workman-Album Credit
Heartaches and Heartbreaks-Mastering
Heartaches and Heartbreaks-Mastering
Legionnaires Disease-Album Credit
Mellow1 (Digital Download)-Album Credit
Mellow1 (Single)-Album Credit
Observatory (Album)-Album Credit
Observatory (Digital Download)-Album Credit
Observatory 5th Anniversary-Album Credit
Orange Flyer Special-Album Credit
Orange Flyer Special-Artwork
Orange Flyer Special-Engineering
Orange Flyer Special-Mixing
Orange Flyer Special-Mastering
Orange Flyer Special (Digital)-Album Credit
Orange Flyer Special (Digital)-Artwork
Orange Flyer Special (Digital)-Engineering
Orange Flyer Special (Digital)-Mixing
Orange Flyer Special (Digital)-Mastering
Overblown-Album Credit
Polymorphisms / Laugh at a Garden Single-Album Credit
Pseudo Star-Album Credit
Pseudo Star - Live at Dresden Arena-Album Credit
Radio Interview: Drew Powers vs. OBSERVATORY-Album Credit
Roger-Album Credit
Roger (Download)-Album Credit
Roger (Download)-Mixing
Roger (Download)-Mastering
Secrets of Memory Man-Album Credit
Text/All the Rage-Album Credit
The Early Years-Mastering
The Sonic Invasion EP-Album Credit
Watch Tower Hotel-Engineering
Watch Tower Hotel-Mixing
Watch Tower Hotel-Mastering
Watch Tower Hotel-Album Credit
Watch Tower Hotel-Artwork

Song Credits
1000 Albums / Polarized-Song Writer
1000 Albums / Polarized-Guitar
1000 Albums / Polarized-Vocals
A walk in the Fog-Engineering
A walk in the Fog-Song Writer
All the Rage (Watch Tower - Overblown version)-Vocals
All the Rage (Watch Tower - Overblown version)-Engineering
All the Rage (Watch Tower - Overblown version)-Engineering
Angel Made of Car Parts-Engineering
Angel Made of Car Parts-Vocals
Angel Made of Car Parts-Song Writer
Angel Made of Car Parts-Guitar
As Is-Engineering
As Is-Guitar
As Is-Song Writer
Audit of James-Vocals
Audit of James-Guitar
Audit of James-Song Writer
Average Girl-Vocals
Awaken-Song Writer
Broke your life Take 5-Engineering
Broke your life Take 5-Song Writer
Childs Dream-Engineering
Childs Dream-Song Writer
Control (Demo)-Song Writer
Control (Demo)-Engineering
Could it Be You?-Engineering
Could it Be You?-Song Writer
Could it Be You?-Vocals
Count on Me-Vocals
Count on Me-Engineering
Count on Me-Song Writer
Coward-Song Writer
Danger in the Drowse-Guitar
Danger in the Drowse-Vocals
Danger in the Drowse-Song Writer
Deep Blue Drowning-Guitar
Deep Blue Drowning-Engineering
Deep Blue Drowning-Song Writer
Does She feel like I do?-Song Writer
Does She feel like I do?-Vocals
Does She feel like I do?-Engineering
Expendable People-Engineering
Expendable People-Guitar
Expendable People-Vocals
Expendable People-Song Writer
Extremely all the time (Live)-Vocals
Extremely all the time (Live)-Song Writer
Extremely all the time (Live)-Guitar
Extremely All the Time (Watchtower)-Song Writer
Extremely All the Time (Watchtower)-Engineering
Feeling Sick-Engineering
Feeling Sick-Song Writer
Five Days a week-Song Writer
Five Days a week-Vocals
Five Days a week-Engineering
For A Day-Engineering
For A Day-Song Writer
Forget Me-Engineering
Forget Me-Song Writer
Fountain Pen-Song Writer
Fountain Pen-Vocals
Fountain Pen-Engineering
French Movie-Guitar
French Movie-Song Writer
French Movie-Vocals
Fugazi (Live)-Guitar
Good Thoughts 2000-Song Writer
Good Thoughts 2000-Engineering
Green Apples-Vocals
Here You Are-Vocals
Here You Are-Engineering
Here You Are-Song Writer
Here You Are-Guitar
Here you Are (Observatory Version)-Song Writer
Here you Are (Observatory Version)-Vocals
Here you Are (Observatory Version)-Engineering
Here you are (Watch Tower - Overblown version)-Vocals
Here you are (Watch Tower - Overblown version)-Engineering
Here you are (Watch Tower - Overblown version)-Song Writer
I can do no right-Vocals
I can do no right-Song Writer
I can do no right-Engineering
I dont care-Song Writer
I dont care-Vocals
I dont care-Guitar
If Ever-Song Writer
If Ever-Engineering
In my Dreams (Demo)-Song Writer
In my Dreams (Demo)-Engineering
Invincible -Vocals
Invincible -Song Writer
Invincible -Engineering
Let Her Down-Engineering
Let Her Down-Song Writer
Live Rock and Roll-Guitar
Live Rock and Roll-Vocals
Lyle Pennysworth-Guitar
Lyle Pennysworth-Vocals
Lyle Pennysworth-Song Writer
Lyle Pennysworth-Lead Guitar
Mild Pennysworth-Engineering
Mild Pennysworth-Song Writer
Mild Pennysworth-Vocals
My Time-Mixing
My Time-Song Writer
My Time-Engineering
No Sleep Will Come-Guitar
No Sleep Will Come-Vocals
No Sleep Will Come-Song Writer
Obsessed in Death-Guitar
Obsessed in Death-Vocals
Over Blown-Song Writer
Over Blown-Engineering
Over Blown-Vocals
Over Cast-Engineering
Over Cast-Song Writer
Over the Avalanch-Vocals
Over the Avalanch-Engineering
Over the Avalanch-Song Writer
Over the Avalanch-Guitar
Plum 54-Vocals
Polarized 2 (Re-Polarized)-Vocals
Polarized 2 (Re-Polarized)-Song Writer
Polarized 2 (Re-Polarized)-Guitar
Pyros Eye-Vocals
Pyros Eye-Song Writer
Pyros Eye-Guitar
Pyros Eye-Engineering
Release Me-Vocals
Release Me-Song Writer
Release Me-Engineering
Rose Marie-Engineering
Rose Marie-Song Writer
Rose Marie-Mixing
Rose Marie-Vocals
Rose Marie-Guitar
Rose Marie (Observatory Version)-Guitar
Rose Marie (Observatory Version)-Vocals
Rose Marie (Observatory Version)-Engineering
Rose Marie (Observatory Version)-Song Writer
Sailing-Song Writer
Salem Man-Engineering
Salem Man-Song Writer
Salem Man-Guitar
Salem Man-Vocals
Self Righteous-Song Writer
Self Righteous-Guitar
Self Righteous-Engineering
Self Righteous-Vocals
Something Hidden (1996)-Song Writer
Something Hidden (1996)-Engineering
Something Hidden (1997)-Song Writer
Something Hidden (1997)-Engineering
Still Moving-Engineering
Still Moving-Vocals
Still Moving-Song Writer
Still Moving-Guitar
The Governments Waltz in G Major-Vocals
The Governments Waltz in G Major-Song Writer
The Governments Waltz in G Major-Engineering
The Same-Vocals
The Same-Engineering
The Same-Song Writer
This Train (Demo)-Vocals
This Train (Demo)-Guitar
This Train (Demo)-Engineering
To Sleep Again-Engineering
To Sleep Again-Song Writer
Uninvited-Song Writer
Uninvited (Observatory Version)-Engineering
Uninvited (Observatory Version)-Guitar
Uninvited (Observatory Version)-Vocals
Uninvited (Observatory Version)-Song Writer
White Light Flash-Song Writer
White Light Flash-Vocals
White Light Flash-Mixing
White Light Flash-Guitar
White Light Flash-Engineering
White Light Flash (Roger version)-Engineering
White Light Flash (Roger version)-Guitar
White Light Flash (Roger version)-Song Writer
White Light Flash (Roger version)-Vocals
Your Last Name to Mine (Demo)-Song Writer
Your Last Name to Mine (Demo)-Engineering
Your Love is Slush-Song Writer
Your Love is Slush-Engineering
Your so far away-Mixing
Your so far away-Song Writer
Your so far away-Vocals
Your so far away-Engineering