Effortless Records
Craig Robinson

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Associated Bands:
Pseudo Star1996-1999
Captain Zapoleon1999-2010

Album Credits
Experience the Thinking Captains Dementia-Guitar
Experience the Thinking Captains Dementia-Album Credit
Experience the Thinking Captains Dementia-Engineering
Heartaches and Heartbreaks-Album Credit
Observatory (Album)-Album Credit
Observatory (Digital Download)-Album Credit
Observatory 5th Anniversary-Album Credit
Orange Flyer Special-Album Credit
Orange Flyer Special (Digital)-Album Credit
Pseudo Star-Album Credit

Song Credits
A Million Good Reasons-Song Writer
A Million Good Reasons-Engineering
A Million Good Reasons-Guitar
A Million Good Reasons-Vocals
Always Compromise-Vocals
Always Compromise-Song Writer
Always Compromise-Engineering
Always Compromise-Guitar
An Unsuccessful Attempt at Flying-Engineering
An Unsuccessful Attempt at Flying-Song Writer
An Unsuccessful Attempt at Flying-Guitar
An Unsuccessful Attempt at Flying-Vocals
Average Girl-Vocals
Average Girl-Song Writer
Average Girl-Guitar
Chrome-Song Writer
Danger in the Drowse-Vocals
Deal with It-Guitar
Deal with It-Vocals
Deal with It-Song Writer
Deal with It-Engineering
Ease for Elizabeth-Vocals
Ease for Elizabeth-Engineering
Ease for Elizabeth-Guitar
Ease for Elizabeth-Song Writer
Eat Your Heart Out-Guitar
Eat Your Heart Out-Vocals
Eat Your Heart Out-Engineering
Eat Your Heart Out-Song Writer
Elizas Spotlight-Song Writer
Elizas Spotlight-Engineering
Elizas Spotlight-Vocals
Elizas Spotlight-Guitar
Emily Ephemeral-Song Writer
Emily Ephemeral-Engineering
Emily Ephemeral-Vocals
Emily Ephemeral-Guitar
Emily Ephemerus-Guitar
Emily Ephemerus-Vocals
Emily Ephemerus-Song Writer
Emily Ephemerus-Engineering
Extremely all the time (Live)-Vocals
Extremely all the time (Live)-Guitar
From here to there-Guitar
From here to there-Engineering
From here to there-Vocals
From here to there-Song Writer
Fugazi (Live)-Guitar
Green Apples-Guitar
Green Apples-Vocals
Green Apples-Song Writer
Her Green Felt Hat-Guitar
Her Green Felt Hat-Vocals
Her Green Felt Hat-Song Writer
Live Rock and Roll-Guitar
Live Rock and Roll-Vocals
Lyle Pennysworth-Guitar
Lyle Pennysworth-Vocals
Peppermint-Song Writer
Plum 54-Vocals
Plum 54-Song Writer
Plum 54-Guitar
Re-born a Baptist-Vocals
Re-born a Baptist-Engineering
Re-born a Baptist-Guitar
Re-born a Baptist-Song Writer
Repressed and a Mess-Vocals
Repressed and a Mess-Engineering
Repressed and a Mess-Song Writer
Repressed and a Mess-Guitar
Saving Dead Children While In The Butterfly Stance-Song Writer
Saving Dead Children While In The Butterfly Stance-Engineering
Saving Dead Children While In The Butterfly Stance-Vocals
Saving Dead Children While In The Butterfly Stance-Guitar
The Angelus Sings-Percussion
The Angelus Sings-Engineering
The Angelus Sings-Guitar
The Angelus Sings-Song Writer
The Angelus Sings-Vocals
The Apology -Song Writer
The Apology -Engineering
The Apology -Vocals
The Apology -Guitar
Wrong-Song Writer