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2003 - Present

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Influences: Animals, Apples in Stereo, Alice Cooper, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, Belle and Sebastian, Butt Hole Surfers, Balls of Love, Breeders, Byrds, Built to Spill, Bob Hiltz, Cam Murray, Carpenters, Cars, Cream, Charlie F'n Miller, Clash, Craig Robinson (Captain Zapoleon), Dandy Warhols, Daniel Johnson, Dave Van Ronk, David Bowie, Devo, Dio, Donovan, Electric Six, Elephant Six Bands, Eric Welton, Elvis, Flaming Lips, Fly Ashtray, Frank Zappa, Fugs, Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, Grandpa Gord, Ghost Town Minstrels, Guided by Voices, Grant Browning, Hank Williams, Hawksley Workman, Hey Death, Hollies, Inoke Errati, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Jason McFadden, Kinks, Kramer, Led Zeppelin, Liam the Omniscient Murray, Leonard Cohen, Licorice Root, Misfits, Monkees, Neil Diamond (You bet your balls it's Neil Diamond), Neutral Milk Hotel, Nirvana, Of Montreal, Olivia Tremor Control, Ozzie Osborne, Palace Brothers, Pavement, Pearl Jam, Pseudo Star, Pink Floyd, Pixies, Queen, Raider Pride, Robert Johnson, Robert Pollard, Ron Sexsmith, Steve Lukather, Shins, Strokes, Simon AND Garfunkle, Sloan,Smog Sonic Youth, Super Furry Animals, Spinal Tap, T-Rex, Thinking Fellars, Tobin Sprout, The Who, Velvet Underground, Ween, White Stripes, and Zombies.

Appearances on Other Labels:
(LDCK08CD) LEGIONNAIRES DISEASE - A Chatham Kent Indie Compilation (2008)

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Craig RobinsonGuest-
Grant BrowningGuest-
Keith SmithBand Member2003-
Kyle WorkmanBand Member2003-
Matt WorkmanBand Member2003-

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