Effortless Records
Observatory (Album)

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Release Date: 2005
Catalog #: erg009
Record Label: Effortless Records

No Pic

Released November 2005

Recorded 1996 and 2005 at various locations including inTouch studio as well as Eyre Space studio.

Track Listings
11000 Albums / Polarized
2Danger in the Drowse3:03
3Angel Made of Car Parts
4Still Moving
5Salem Man2:45
6Mild Pennysworth
8Here you Are (Observatory Version)
9No Sleep Will Come4:45
10Rose Marie (Observatory Version)
11Pyros Eye
12Uninvited (Observatory Version)
13Fountain Pen
14Good Thoughts 2000
15Polarized 2 (Re-Polarized)

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Album Credit
Matt Workman Album Credit
Keith Smith Album Credit
Craig Robinson Album Credit
Steve Bellan Artwork
Jason McFadden Thanks
Jason McFadden Track Sequencing
Steve McIntyre ?