Effortless Records
Experience the Thinking Captains Dementia
Captain Zapoleon

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Release Date: 1999
Catalog #: erg003
Record Label: Effortless Records

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These songs are a lofi musical representation of the Captain's daily experiences. Enjoy the music, enjoy the hiss. For extra information please visit: (Link is now dead). Special thanks to: Empedocles Torpedocles, and Spaceman Nupps for all the help.
Limited run of tapes featuring handmade album covers.

Later re-released as erg005.

Track Listings
1Re-born a Baptist
2Repressed and a Mess
3From here to there
4An Unsuccessful Attempt at Flying
5Ease for Elizabeth
6Deal with It
7A Million Good Reasons
8Saving Dead Children While In The Butterfly Stance
9Always Compromise
10Emily Ephemerus
11The Apology
12Eliza's Spotlight

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