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Release Date: 2008
Catalog #: erg022
Record Label: Effortless Records
(Nov 2008)
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*Great Loves*
Great loves just wonít go away.
Get out of my head,
I found a bigger, greater love instead.
You donít mean anything to me.
Another forgotten memory,
That used to mean so much to me.
Now another never meant to be.
Stop haunting me.

*For The Sake Of Argument*
Take it easy on me.
Remember it's still just me.
Though I might-a gone wrong, itís not all that wrong at all,
its not all that wrong at all.
Oh watch what you say,
It's been a long hard day,
You could turn it around,
Or make it worse with a few words, make it worse with your words.
Thereís no need to fight,
I know that your right.
And I'm over that line,
And its time we had it out, and its time we let things out.
Nothing left to say.
So I meet her halfway.
Then we think to ourselves,
Were we really arguing about what we were arguing about?
So let it all out, just let it all out, lay it on me, lay it all on me.

*Keep It From The Man*
You gotta keep it from the man.
You'd better run while you still can.
Head straight down to the underground.
Down below where you wonít be found.
Cause I can hear them, and theyíre on their way.
The partyís over and you gotta pay.
Do whatever you can to keep it from the man.
No more lies, no more alibis, those secrets you keep locked inside.
Youíre exposed now, youíve got no disguise. No place to turn, nowhere to hide. Itís over now, time to realize, that youíll never make it out alive,
All their money that you burned, they want more than that in return. Your broken bones and tired eyes, calluses, and a troubled mind.
Cause you are what they made you, and they made you just to break you.
You are what they made you, and they made you just to break you. Thatís if they can.

*Coffee And Cigarettes*
Another coffee, and another cigarette, another glorious morning waking up with you at your apartment. But, we didn't sleep last night, no we didn't sleep the night before, we probably just won't sleep anymore. Cause time's decaying away. Time is always weighing on my mind and there is never enough time. No. Tomorrow I'll be leaving. Yah I hate to go. I feel this thing we got is spinning out of control. But really who needs control, let's just let this thing roll, cause were having a good time, yah were having a great time. Dancing the night long to that Jimi Hendrix song, then you grabbed my hand and we ran all the way home. Strumming your guitar, a summer night in your backyard, you sang me a love song, and I sang you one too. Then another coffee and another cigarette, another glorious morning, waking up with you at your apartment. But we didn't sleep last night, no we didn't sleep at all.

*There is a Vampire Living on Parkstraat*
This one goes to the vampire living on Parkstraat who burns me with her evil gaze.
She sucks the blood right from my fingers. I fall so pale and drained.
Locked in a cage, down in her basement. Alone and cold, I shake.
I write my notes under a dim light, planning my next great escape.
And, all this suffering, and, all for what?
I pray itís over soon, but I must have prayed too much.
Cause, Iím still here in the dark of my cell.
Itís been a year now, but I canít tell.
Am I forgotten? Am I forgone?

Great Loves
Craig Robinson - Vocals, Guitars
Shannon Kearns - Vocals, Drums
Matt Workman - Bass
For The Sake of Argument
Craig Robinson - Vocals, Guitars
Shannon Kearns - Vocals, Drums
Matt Workman - Vocals
Charlie Miller - Bass
Keep It From The Man
Craig Robinson - Vocals, Guitars
Keith Smith - Drums
Matt Workman - Bass, Vocals, Tambourine
Coffee and Cigarettes
Craig Robinson - Vocals, Guitar
Matt Workman - Telephone, Guitar, Bass, Tambourine
There's A Vampire Living On Parkstraat
Craig Robinson - Vocals, Guitars
Keith Smith - Drums
Written By Craig Robinson between 2002 - 2004.
Recorded by Matt Workman
@ InTouch Studio versions 1 - 3 between 2002 - 2005
Mastered by Matt Workman
@ ITA Studio - November of 2008
Artwork by Craig Robinson
Effortless Records cat# ERG022
© 2008 Effortless Recording Group

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